Bethenny Frankel Imagines What Taking Diet Pills Feels Like

You might know that Bethenny Frankel, black of Housewives and diet products, wrote a book recently. Titled “Skinnydipping,” it not usually bears a same qualifier as all products innate of her business empire, though it also appears to strike a topics of weight detriment and dieting flattering hard, formed on a excerpts expelled by Daily Beast.

Our favorite is this excerpt, taken from page 91, about diet pills:

The subsequent week, we felt improved than we had in years. I’d mislaid 5 pounds and Perry had mislaid three. we was some-more sleepy and wired, generally from a herbal diet pills we was taking. They got me wound adult and feeling a small bit high, though they killed my appetite. we felt thinner and some-more giveaway since we was so most some-more in control of what we was eating (which was, essentially, nothing).

Some presupposition that a book is semi-autobiographical; what with a categorical character’s arena going from unsuccessful singer to housewife, it doesn’t seem outlandish. But she’s never reliable holding diet pills; usually joked about snorting them while claiming to be naturally thin. But formed on the endless believe around Saved By The Bell, her outline sounds pretty accurate (and tied adult in jumbled eating psychosis).

What do we think–have we ever taken diet pills? Are her descriptions accurate?

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